Trauma-Informed Practice In The Child Welfare System

In 2013, I began working at the Children’s Trauma Assessment Center at Western Michigan University, serving as the Center’s program evaluator. As part of my role, I created and implemented an evaluation framework for the Center’s multifaceted evidence-based programming in the area of trauma-informed practice, a social work modality which emphasizes attention to the complex tapestry of psychosocial exposures which influence maladaptive and criminal behavior in youth. Additionally, as part of my role, I was responsible for carrying out semi-structured interviews with child welfare workers and court officials charged with navigating and implementing trauma-informed practice, mending family relationships and ultimately working to prevent future child maltreatment. I conducted this research throughout Michigan, but most of my fieldwork was in the northern rural regions of the state.


+ Program Evaluator + Qualitative Interviewer




Flint, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; and rural northern Michigan